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I photographed Emily, in my studio, for the first time last year. This year, however, we decided to go "on location"! It was so much more fun and I got to know her so much better. I think she's picked up a bit from "America's Next Top Model"!
This is one of my favorites! She's got the look!




This photo was just a test shot but I really like it. It was cold out
so between shots she put on this big, fluffy coat and gloves. When I
had the shot staged we quickly took off her coat. You can't tell she's
FREEZING in any of these pictures-SHE'S GOOD!


I really like working with Emily. She let's her personality show in all her photo's. It makes my job easy!

I photographed Caitlin & Brad, who live in Medford MA, on Saturday. Since I will be photographing their wedding, it makes sense to do an engagement session. It gives us a chance to get to know each other and to see what type of photographs work best for them.


 This is one of my favorites of the two of them.

Caitlin said she was very nervous in front of the camera but relaxed almost immediately. That will be one less thing for her to worry about on her wedding day.

They both look great smiling AND serious.


Their wedding isn't until October but they wanted to use these images for "save the dates" as well as to have matted and signed at the reception. They will have a lot to choose from! There are more fantastic images of them on!


Happy Birthday Brad-I hope you both had a wonderful time at "Friendsgiving"!