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I photographed Lachlan, Patrick and Alice yesterday here in downtown Portsmouth. 
This is one of my favorite images.


This was the first image I took. The kids posed themselves. I love how small Alice looks in the middle, flanked by her two older brothers.


Here I was trying to get a picture of all three kids but the little one thought it was fun to stay hidden from the camera. The image then became about the two brothers. I couldn't get the boys to pose together for an image so I had to get it while they thought I was preoccupied with Alice.

Same idea with this image. Lachlan thought I was waiting to take the picture until Alice was done playing, but instead a got this beautiful portrait of Lachlan. His facial expression is very natural-he let his guard down for a few seconds and I was there to capture it!


Alice was still playing with me at this point. She refused to look at the camera which allowed me to get this beautiful profile shot of her.

This is also one of my favorite images capturing the affection between Lachlan and his baby sister.

I LOVE this image of mother and daughter!


Patrick really wanted his portrait taken against this wall. It is my favorite picture of him. He's so serene.


Alice is such a classic beauty making this image timeless.

Eilish wants to be a model-so she needed a portfolio. Here are a few of my favorites from her shoot.

This is my favorite image! She has that "girl next door" look here.


I love the color combination in this picture.


She has amazing eyes-and the blue clothes really make her eyes stand out.


Good luck Eiish-I think you're off to a great start!