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Mar 22, 2010
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Elizabeth is one of my brides-her wedding was published in an issue of The Knot, Boston a couple of years ago. I use this image from that wedding in a lot of my marketing and on my web site-it's one of my all time favorites!


It's been a few years and now Elizabeth is expecting her first baby in 3 months.

Here are a few of my favorite images from her pregnancy portrait session. As Elizabeth said, she wanted to do something that was just for her, so these portraits are really more about Elizabeth than the pregnancy.




It was so much fun watching these 1 year old triplets interact!


John, the only boy, is the adventurous one. He goes anywhere and everywhere. His sisters watch and if John doesn't get in trouble, they follow suit.


I photographed these siblings when they were 6 months old too. It was hard then to get an image where they all were happy at the same time. Now that they are mobile, however, it is hard just to get them all in the same image! That's where we needed to get creative. I guess food always works to round them up.

I love how the two girls are facing away from everyone! what a riot!


This was a perfect opportunity to get a portrait of Aubrey.

Kasey is the oldest and the smallest. She stole my heart! While I was photographing one of her siblings, she walked up behind me and rubbed my back.

Here is John again. Putting him in the chair slowed him down for a few minutes so I could get this portrait of him.

It worked with John, so we tried with Kasey too.

Here is Aubrey. She is a beauty!

Kasey rubbing food on her head.

Aubrey again. I love those eyes! She is just so pretty.


This is amazing-Mom holding all three babies. I don't know how she does it, yet I never saw her flustered. She seems to enjoy every minute of it.


This image is so similar to an image I took of them as infants. Kasey (on the left) was belly laughing at the expense of her brother.  This looks like both girls are laughing, especially Kasey,  but John doesn't like the joke.

what fun!