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Apr 22, 2010
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EMAILDog Days Promo Card FRONT

Alyssa Almeida Duncan's “Poocha Palooza (and
kitties too)” event is being held on May 15-17th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00
p.m. at my studio at 36 Rogers Street to raise donations for the New
Hampshire SPCA. With a donation of a bag of cat or dog food and a
session fee of $25 people will receive a 15-minute session, 5×7 portrait
of their furry friend & a doggie gift bag compliments of Canine

Due to limited time slots, sessions are available by
appointment only, so call now to schedule your session! 603. 373. 0098.

The SPCA is sending an email blast to promote this event to over 8000 people at the end of this month so be sure to secure you time slot now before they are all filled up!!

I just finished hand painting three 9 x 12 backdrops for my studio! What an undertaking but the results are fantastic! I did a mini photo session with my family to see how they looked. Check it out.

This was, by far, the most difficult back drop to paint. It took me about 6 hours!  What a good model my puppy is!


I love this profile shot. This is the first backdrop I painted and I think it is my favorite. I also added some texture to this image later in Photoshop.


This is the same backdrop, again with some texture added later.


This is a more accurate view of my painting abilities. There is a texture added too but you can see more of the cement look I was going for here.  Puma ad? I also added to new chair to my studio. Cool, huh?


This is, by far, my most favorite portrait from this shoot! I love how adding the texture made Cameron seem like he was rusting into the chair like a couch potato. This is DEFINITELY going up in my studio.

What a cutie!!! I totally fell for this baby. LOVE the drool.


One year old toddlers are not the easiest subject to photograph-they are always on the move. I have to work very fast. This little guy was all over the place!


Again, more drool-it's just so funny!


In this picture he looks EXACTLY like his mother!!


Am I right or what?


With his blanket-how sweet.


I just love this boy. I can't wait to see him again! Hopefully I'll get the warm response I did this time-rubbing my back, giving me a snuggle good bye-he's such a flirt! Thanks for bringing him in Andrea!

I'm so glad I finally got the opportunity to photograph these kids! They are just so adorable! This is my favorite  image from their session.


Kian looks A LOT like his father, but he does have some of his mom in there too. You may miss it if you're not looking for it-but the shape of his face, his chin and the deep set eyes are all his mom.

6-18-32710-55 wht bkg 

Now that's a good looking family!

EDITED family portrait bw border

The focus of this session was primarily Avery, since she is just turning one. What gorgeous red hair!


Of course I LOVE THIS image!! Such personality.


Ok, so I couldn't find much of her mom's traits in Avery-Lauren has brown eyes, darker skin and very dark, curly hair etc. But maybe as she gets older we'll see more of Lauren in there.


Look at those cheeks! I love the pink on pink, it really highlights her blue eyes.


I hope to see Avery and Kian again soon. They were a lot of fun to work with. Next time maybe they'll bring ME some doughnuts so Kian can share. 🙂