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We collected about 800lbs of dog food for the New Hampshire SPCA. Check out some of the dogs we met.

Dog food small


This is Flannery, a female doberman. Normally I'm slightly afraid of Dobermans, but this dog wasn't scarey at all. Just a big, fun puppy.


This is Zuzu-a Ridgeback. Very sweet.


Hazel. She is 13 but you'd never guess it. She plays like a puppy.


Lulu did NOT like being told where to sit. She started howling because she was so mad.


Smokey, the Chihuahua.


This is Chef. He was particularly challenging because he is deaf so it was hard for me to get his attention. Also hard to praise him when he was looking at me.


Georgie, the puppy. After every picture I took he would playfully attack me. I was covered in dog hair after he left-but I loved every minute of it!


Lexi, a boxer. She wouldn't move into position on her own-we had to physically lift her if we wanted her to move.


Spencer. I was warned that he would be difficult but I think he actually liked having his picture taken!


Coco-now she was a princess.

Tallulah-she has that shelter dog "please take me home" look.


Oliver-what a cutie.


This is Dice K. The winner for the most entertaining dog!




and his sister, Cassie.


Another puppy-this one is Max. Puppies are always fun. Look at the size of those paws.


Frank or Wally-I couldn't tell the two brothers apart.


Tank. How ironic his name is Tank since he is only about 3lbs, and all of it is fur!


His sister, Tessie.


and his brother, Colby.


Molly, 13 years old. Love the drool 🙂


there we many more. This will be an annual event, so if you missed it, keep an eye open for it next year.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention-when we dropped off the food to the shelter, we came home with our second dog-Finn (the beagle).


I've already booked 25 sessions with 32 dogs!! There are still a few time slots left so if you're interested call soon because it's THIS WEEKEND. $25 and a 15lb bag of dog or cat food (the food is donated to the SPCA) gets you a 15 minute portrait session and a 5 x 7 print, along with a doggie bag from Canine Cupboard.

Look for my interview in the Portsmouth Herald in tomorrows paper. 

EMAIL promo pic 

This is the photo that may or may not go along side my interview. My son, Cameron, took the photo. My daughter, Mimi, is in the photo too, because her extreme love for dogs is a  big motivating factor for me to do the event.

EMAIL FRONT poocha palooza Promo Card

EMAIL BACK poocha palooza Promo Card

Eilah & Olivia. I photographed Eilah when she was just three months old and I still use her image in my marketing materials!

Here she is at 3 months old. SO CUTE!!


Here she is at 2.5 years old. Still SO CUTE!! 050510-86-43 

This was supposed to be a photo session for her 12 day old sister but
Eilah stole the show! She is such a fantastic little kid, and great
company. I could totally spend the day with her and have a blast! Her
mom just might take me up on that offer since she is still trying to
figure out how to juggle two kids. Bring it on Shawn!

Let me introduce to you the next Marilyn Monroe.

Awww-here's Olivia. Such a cutie! She is this alert at only 12 days old!! She's reaching for me camera, who knows, maybe she'll be a photographer one day.


The diaper looks HUGE compared to those tiny little legs!

I love the tenderness of this image. I also love that Olivia looks like she's smiling in the arms of her big sister. Check out the feet-I like that you can see Olivia's teeny tiny feet next to her big sisters.


All the girls in the family! I think I'm going to put this image on my web site-I just LOVE IT!!!050510-340-177

If any of you know this family, these pictures are a surprise for daddy on fathers day so don't mention it to him!!