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Yesterday I photographed the wedding of Brad and Maria in Newport, Rhode Island. It was a beautiful wedding, on a beautiful day with a beautiful bride-a photographers dream!


The image above was taken at Ochre Mansion.

Maria wore these stunning blue shoes which matched, not only the old Cadillac she rode in, but also the bridesmaids dresses.



This image was taken as Maria was leaving the hotel to go to the church-stunning!



I like that the only color she wore were those gorgeous blue shoes. Her bouquet was simple white and the stems were wrapped with fabric from her mothers wedding gown. I just absolutely LOVE those little touches that make each wedding uniquely different.



The moment the ring bearer was placed in line next to the flower girl he couldn't take his eyes off her. Here he is giving her a hug just before they walk down the aisle.



After the ceremony, we walked across the street to Ochre Mansion for the family and bridal portraits. Brad and Maria are both Italian. Brad wanted his images with his groomsmen to be reminicent of old Hollywood mob movies. LOVE IT!


Brad and Maria portraits are beautiful-here are a few of my favorites-




The Officers Club is beautiful inside. Here Brad and Maria share their first dance with their friends and family looking on.


The view from The Officers Club is the water and a stunning bridge, combine that  with a gorgeous sunset and you get a portrait like this-



The dj did a great job of getting EVERYBODY on the dance floor. The party was a HUGE success!


Congratulations Brad and Maria. Enjoy your honeymoon! When you return home I will have your online wedding album ready for you at

Many of you have been following the twins progress over the past year and have been asking me about them. They are a blast-I have totally bonded with them and am sad that I won't be seeing them on such a regular basis anymore.


The image above tells it all, doesn't it?

The image below is Liam-apparently he's the boss.



this is Tristan-he's going to be the ladies man 🙂



And, of course, they are both Red Sox fans!


I just LOVE these guys and can't wait to see them again!!