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Here is your first peak into this years Christmas in October event!

I love the angle of this image along with the hat, vest and pine cones. It can be hard sometimes to convey "winter" in the studio with just a white background but I think we definately achived it here!


I like the next couple of images because they can be used for a Christmas card but can also be used as wall art because they don't  scream "CHRISTMAS".



I always love seeing Kian & Avery.  Avery is the cover girl on my "baby's first year" brochure. She has changed so much! And Kian always has the coolest hair doo ever!

MASON! This baby boy shouldn't even be born yet, his due date is October 19th but he came a whole month early.


I am so excited about these images. Sarah is the first mom to actually bring me her baby within two weeks of his birthday. The best time to do a baby's newborn photo shoot is 7-14 days old. They sleep most of time and are easier to pose.

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He is just so tiny. I like that his dad's hand is in the image-it gives you perspective on just how small Mason is!


He did open his eyes briefly. This image makes me smile EVERY time I look at it!



Tiny little feet. Again, I had mom hold his feet to show just how small they are compared to her hands.



So cozy . . .


. . . and happy!


Email 2011

There was rain forcasted for Stephanie and Pat's wedding day-so they decided to take their formal wedding portraits with their bridal party the day before. BRILLIANT idea! For Stephanie it meant that she didn't have to stress about their most valued pictures being rained out on the actual wedding day.


They put so much thought into every detail of the day-right down to the wellies for them and the bridal party to wear at the beach.


I have to admit, I was terrified the wedding dress was going to get wet considering the wedding was the next day! Stephanie managed to stay dry with a lot of help from her bridesmaids and her future husband.



As I said, no detail was forgotten and every one of them had Stephanie and Pat's own unique flare. Guests we greeted at the reception with Stonewall Kitchen Jam with their table numbers written on the tops . . .


. . . the seashells holding up the table number . . .


 . . . antique skies found on ebay were used as a guest book. . .


 . . . and Stephanie wore her mother's wedding dress and veil.


The flowers were stunning.


The actual wedding day was actually not raining but misting so they were still able to have the ceremony outside the York Harbor Reading Room. I think the overcast made for stunning pictures. It looks like a true New England day.




Thank you Stephanie & Pat, for letting me be part of your wedding weekend!