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The Fitzmaurice family have been dissappointed with their kids school pictures the past couple of years so decided to come to me and I am so glad they did!


There are obvious advantages to going to a portrait studio versus the school portraits-

one advantage, images of your children TOGETHER.

Another advantage is a better portrait, although I am not sure how anyone can take a bad picture of this girl 🙂


Going to mulitple outdoor locations is a BIG advantage.


I have time to capture a more candid style image, so smiles are real!




And an added bonus, when kids feel like models it gives them a great confidence boost!



The one cold day we've had this year is the day I photographed the DeDeus family by the ocean.


The kids were such good sports and the only way you can tell they were cold is by their little red noses 🙂


I just love watching this family grow. I photographed their wedding and few years ago and also thier children last year.



The image below is one of my favorites from the entire session. These images were taken during, what is called, the Golden hour-just before the sun sets. I love sessions at this time, the lighting is just perfect!



I am reminded of some of the Kennedy family portraits on the beach when I see this collection of images. They have a timeless feeling.




Thank you DeDeus family, for again, letting me be part of your Christmas traditions.

see you next year!