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More portraits on the Memorial Bridge!


This is Ben Porter. He started the "Save the Bridge" movement years ago fearing that once the Memorial Bridge came down there would be no new bridge to replace it. It is thanks to the efforts to him and others like him that we WILL have a new bridge in 18 months. Thank you Ben.



Nancy & Barbara with their dogs Henny, Booth and Chef. Nancy brings me her dogs every year for my Poocha Palooza event. All the dogs are rescued and Both Nancy and Barbara have done extrodinary work rehabilitating them (with help from My Dogs Mind in Hampton NH). Chef, the dog not facing the camera, is deaf and they communicate with him via sign language. Chef also WAS an aggressive, scared dog. He has come a long way. Henny (far left) is new to their family and was used for breedidng at a puppy mill. She had never been outside her cage and can now walk sucessfully across the Memorial bridge! Nancy and Barbara are extrodinary people making a big difference. They are quite an inspiration!


The Griffin's were my first session on my last day of portraits on the Memorial Bridge. A half hour before we were to meet I get a call, "one of the kids isn't feeling well, we have to cancel". I convinced them that if they could just stick it out for 15 minutes I could create a beautiful portrait on the bridge and this was their LAST CHANCE. So they pulled themselves together and . . .

. . . it was SO worth it!

Thank you Griffin family!

Ok, let's face it, kids don't always like to be still to get their portrait taken. These boys were no exception-they were FULL of energy and SO much fun. However, we did need to get a family portrait so I had to get creative! By having one boy sit on the bridge railing and the other stand on the railing I was able to contain their energy for the time needed to get this beautiful family portrait. I told them they had to be still because it was dangerous up there. By doing this I was able to capture their family dynamics. Calvin is a very snuggly little boy, Nolan is the youngest and relished the chance to be top dog and Paloma was able to be herself without her brothers running about all around her. This is one of my favorite family portraits EVER.

Don't get me wrong, however, I LOVE to capture each childs character and energy as you can see in the next group of photo's.


These images are priceless. Capturing  your childs personality and character  at each stage, is SO important.








I loved photographing this family bouncing all over the bridge. We all had a blast and I was able to create some beautiful artwork for them that captures their family and their community. Thank you Peters family!

Another graduate from my baby's first year program!


Little Olivia is SO much fun to photograph! She has so much personality.






CAKE SMASH! She would NOT touch the cake with her hands-once we gave her a utensil though, it was a different story.


What a cutie 🙂

Email 2012

Here are some recent portraits I've done on the bridge. The bridge closes to ALL traffic (including foot traffic) on Monday morning so this is our last chance to have portraits done on our beloved Memorial Bridge.






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