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Baby George giving me the finger. Look at the look on his face-there is no doubt that he knew what he was doing! 🙂


He looks so angelic in the following picture, but I know the truth.


All kidding aside-I have fallen in love with this baby! He has SO much personality in such a little body . . .


. . . and I can't get over how CUTE his name is.

I can't wait to see how he changes during the next year. I wonder if I'll get another shot giving me the finger. I guess he doesn't like getting his portrait taken.



I got the call from Sue, asking if I could photograph her SEVEN grandchildren on the Memorial Bridge during the "Days of Old" event. Of course! She then told me that it may be hard to get one of her grandsons to take off his super hero cape. I advised her to let the kids wear what makes them happy! I am a strong believer that it is my job to capture each childs personality as they are at that moment in time . . .


. . . and boy do these kids have personality!!


I thought it was going to be difficult to have seven kids under the age of 12 in one photograph. It actually was not. They are so loving to each other and so well behaved that it was one of my favorite sessions ever.




there's the cape! Oh my gosh-it doesn't get any better than that!

Thank you, Sue, for bringing me your grandchildren and letting me capture this quickly fleeting stage in their lives.