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The Collins family, so handsome and so easy to photograph! The question I get most often is “what should we wear?” This family is a perfect example of what to wear. Notice how they all wore complimentary clothing, but not “matchy”. They stayed true to their own personal style. There is also t some pattern in their clothing but not a lot.



We used an image from the family portrait for Oliver’s senior picture. Oliver wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having a “senior portrait” session so a family session was a great alternative. Oliver was only the center of attention for 5 minutes or so, rather than an hour.












































































I wish I had done pregnancy portraits when I was pregnant, especially with my youngest. I had a HUGE belly! It is amazing to look back to see just how amazingly big your belly can get. When you’re actually pregnant you think you won’t ever forget it but you do! I LOVE this portrait because it also shows the happiness and anticipation of the soon-to-be parents



































The Brown Family was crazy fun to photograph! There were ugly dolls flying around, dancing and a whole lot of family fun.

I photographed Jaime and Steve’s wedding 10 years ago and all three of their children at 6 weeks old. Below is the latest Brown baby at 6 weeks old. So sweet.

I just love this family-they were a blast and it is always fun reconnecting every few years.

Wow, this was a first for me-portrait session on an uninhabited island in a run down house. The only way to get there is a 20 minute boat ride. It was AWESOME!!