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Vivien at 1 1/2 weeks old.

Vivien cried most of the session but as soon as her daddy was holding her she calmed right down.

This was one of the last photographs of the session. Vivien is so calm and relaxed. Daddy’s little girl!

Out like a light but still holding Daddy’s hand. Gosh, she is just too cute!

She loves her Mama though too. I love seeing the relationship between mother and daughter in this portrait. Check out that tiny little foot on her mom’s pinky.

This is a new portrait I like to take since photographing baby Oslo. I just LOVE to see the juxtaposition of the dad’s feet with the baby’s teeny tiny feet.

Brad and I met one of Max’s brothers today at the dog park!! Looking forward to photographing Murphy here at the studio some time soon!

Max at 1 year old. He LOVES having his picture taken!

Two years ago I photographed these kids in the studio, last year the beach and this year in the fall foliage. What will we do next year I wonder . . .

Here we go!

Trying to get three active kids in one picture can be challenging at times. How about a race to bring them all together? It worked for me.

Yay, James!

Oh my gosh-Hunter just LOVED the camera and the camera loves her too. SO CUTE!

Each child got some special time with both parents during the session – I really enjoyed the family interaction.

Hunter LOVES her mom, that’s for sure.

James teaching his son, also James, to make noise with . . . actually, I don’t know what they were making noise with. Doesn’t matter-a dad passing on his childhood past times to his son – priceless.

This is one of my favorite images from the session. Everyone having fun together – love it!

Their mom and dad looking on.

William was happy to look at the camera with a leaf on his head.

This is my favorite kind of family portrait – one that truly represents the family at this particular time. William is pulling his mom in one direction, Hunter on her dad’s shoulders covering his eyes, and James doing some sort of marching kick. 🙂

My latest photo session with Will & Thomas. This time they brought their partner in crime-Lilly

This is my favorite image from the session. The trick to getting this shot was TWO chairs. We tried them in one chair and they each kept trying to push the other off.

Nothing like a clear table to keep a squirming toddler still.

Thomas and Lilly LOVE it when Will reads them a story 🙂

Between Lilly and Will, it was nearly impossible for me to get a portrait of Thomas.