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This is THE portrait from the session. LOVE IT!

No photo session would be complete without a portrait on my orange couch.

His shirt says it all.


This is a special image to the parents because they bought this jacket right after they found out they were having a boy 🙂

Family portrait #1. They couldn’t decide which family portrait they liked the best so they chose three. Which one do you like best?

Family Portrait #2

Family portrait #3

This is the last session of Rhy’s “baby’s first year” series. I can’t believe how fast the year went!

He REALLY got into the cake smash. Most kids have to be coaxed into touching the cake. Not Rhys. He LOVED it. I can really see the resemblance to his mother in this image. It is crazy how much he looks like her!

What can I say about these last two images. Classic Rhys, from what I’m told.

It has been great watching the changes over the past year. I hope to see him again at 2!

These images were taken at a bird sanctuary in Massachusetts. It was such an amazing experience! Jane and Josie are REALLY interested in birds so this was the perfect spot for their family portraits this year.

It is just amazing how the birds will land right on your hand. It does feel a bit strange the first time, but you get over it really quickly.

It was quite a big deal for this bird to land on someone, apparently. It is really big!

LOVE this family portrait. I wish everyone had a bird in their hand, but 3 our of 4 isn’t bad.

Jan 23, 2013
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Yes, I am still trying to catch up with posting portraits from the holidays!

The first time I photographed Isaac and Leo was two or three years ago. Leo (in the back) thought I was only going to take ONE picture and was perfectly happy to participate in having ONE picture be taken. After that, though, he was miserable. NOW, however, he LOVES it!

For this portrait, I told him to pretend he was peeking inside a box.

I just can’t get over the difference between then and now. Leo is now comfortable enough with me to offer up suggestions for portraits, which I really enjoy. It makes the portraits that much better because we get to see more of his personality.

I just love this portrait of Isaac. Parents don’t often think of getting portraits done of their middle school children but I LOVE to photograph them. It seems a shame to only have professional portraits taken when they are babies and then seniors in high school. So much happens in between!!

This series of portraits was used in their Christmas card and we told Isaac to make that face because it was placed next to a goofy portrait of his brother.

Leaving a lot of room on the top and side of the image makes Leo look soooooo little 🙂

I am so excited this year to be working with Womenaid of Portsmouth. We can help women right here in our own community!! Sessions are limited so call today to schedule yours.