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Kiran chose the doctor costume while here for our 2013 “Dress Up Days” event, that we hold every year in conjunction with G Willikers! Toy Shop. This was quite a surprise for both of his parents. I asked Kiran if he knew any doctors and he said “no”. It came out after the session that his mom AND dad are both doctors!! This image is going to hang in one of their offices. It reminds them of an old Norman Rockwell painting. I can see that, can’t you?

Kiran has A LOT to learn before he can start seeing patients though. 🙂

Sailing anyone?

Of course, every captain needs a first mate. These two brothers make the best comedy routine! It was SO much fun taking their portraits. I can’t wait to see you all again this summer for your family portrait!!

I can’t believe baby George has graduated from my “baby’s first year” program. I will certainly miss seeing him every few months. The first time I met George he gave me the finger! I’d like to think he enjoys seeing me more now than he did then.

I LOVE this triple series! George never fails to entertain.

I always suggest bringing a favorite “friend” to the studio for this session.

Oh my gosh-George-you are SO CUTE!!

Sometimes the sweetest image isn’t with a smile.

Hunters 1 year portraits. He has changed SO much over the year. Before I post more from his one year portraits, I would like to revisit his newborn and 6 months portraits so YOU can see the change too.

When I first met Hunter, he was being carefully guarded by his big “sister”, Willow.

Willow loved him right away.

Here he is at 6 months. Oh my gosh-those eyes!!

His face looks similar to his one year portraits, but not the hair! Who knew it was going to be so curly?

ONE YEAR+ OLD! He has grown into a funny, independent little guy. Very happy! I just love the hair 🙂

TIP for anyone coming in with a baby; bring brightly colored, simple, timeless toys for the session. These trucks are perfect.

I love photographing the baby relaxed and playing like I am not even there. This is how you see them everyday, shouldn’t it be captured in a photograph? I think so.

Now he remembers me-SO CUTE!
Ellen, I wish you had brought Willow for this latest session. It would have been nice to see their relationship from the beginning to now. Maybe next time.