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The Wesson’s celebrated their eldest son’s high school graduation and renewed their wedding vows all on the same weekend! Talk about emotional. Kim and Harry have been together since Kim was 14 and Harry 16! They married in their early twenties but always envisioned renewing their vows after 25 years. What better time to have their family portrait done too.

This is the image they chose to have a large gallery canvas of for their home. The reason they chose this image is the same reason I chose MY family portrait wall art-they aren’t the only focus of the image. The scenery plays just as important a role in this image as they do.

Sometimes when kids hear “family portrait” they think it’s going to be formal and maybe take a long time, maybe be a little boring. Well that’s not how I work! Having the kids relax and be themselves is important. In the following series of images, I asked the younger boy surprise his mom by putting a crab on her (something Kim and I worked out ahead of time so she really wasn’t surprised. In fact it was her idea). This led to REAL expressions, REAL laughter and true family interaction.


my hometown: Newington
my favorite candy: Jordan Almonds
my favorite drink: Cucumber mint lemonade
Facebook or twitter: Facebook
favorite website:
my dream job: traveling the world for National Geographic
first crush: Jesse McCartney
my biggest accomplishment so far in high school: making it to NewEnglands with my 4×8 relay team two years in a row
an unusual talet I hav: I play the ukulele
my favorite song: anything from Dispatch
the person I most want to meet: Thomas Jefferson
my favorite things in my closet: purple polar bear foot pajamas
something you always have in your purse: I never know where my purse is
I love Alyssa Duncan Photography because: She’s awesome! Her excitement is contagious
my goal after high school: Stanford!
my hobbies: working on my treehouse, printmaking
the last good book I read: The Great Gatsby, one of my all time favorites
when I grow up I want to be: biochemical or pharmacological engineer
my favorite dessert: crepes with nutella, berries & whipped cream
what I’m excited for about my senior year: the whole college process
three things no one knows about me: I love thunderstorms, stargazing and more than anything, hiking in the mountains
my friends would describe me as: self motivated, disorganized, an open book



Ok, so this is one of my new favorite spots. When the mom said she wanted an image of her son standing up while outside at Odiorne State Park, of course I thought of this tree and the photo session I did with the Daley family!

This is one of my absolute favorite images from this session! The interaction is priceless!

I had done a session with the baby and his dad, Ian, as a surprise Christmas present for Laurie. (which, I must say, is impressive. Most men just buy a gift certificate to the studio. He did that too but wanted the extra “wow” factor for his gift) So they already had images of father and son and now needed one of mom and son.

The picture perfect family!! Thank you for letting me capture this crazy special time for you! I had a blast (it looks like Lincoln did too!)

my school: Portsmouth High School
my hometown: Jacksonville Florida
nickname: Hannah banana
my favorite candy: Sour Patch Watermelon
my favorite drink: Chocolate Milk
facebook or twitter: twitter
my dream job: fashion rep
first crush: Jesse McCartney
unusual talent I have: I can make a three leaf clover with my tongue
favorite song: Sound of Sunshine – Michael Franti
the person I most want to meet: Britney Spears/Dwayne Wade
my favorite things in my closet: my dresses
something you always have in your purse: mint gum
my goal after high school: live in the city
my hobbies: basketball & fashion
the last good book I read: 19 Minutes, Jodi Picolt
when I grow up I want to be: a princess
favorite dessert: red velvet cake
what I’m excited for about my senior year: to run the school
my friends would describe me as: crazy & happy

Here are the first four dog portraits from this years Poocha Palooza. More to come tomorrow!