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I so enjoyed taking Maranda’s senior portraits! She is an aspiring photographer herself, who has even had some of her work published! We got to talk shop while walking all around town during her session.

We started at Prescott Park. Usually, the first few images taken during a session aren’t the best, only because people are usually more relaxed as we get further along with the photo shoot. This, however, was one of the very first images we took. Needless to say, Maranda had a hard time choosing her yearbook picture because there were so many to choose from!

Maranda didn’t think she was going to like any of the stair images. I knew they’d be great and when she came for her viewing session, this image turned out to be one of her favorites.

These two images were a lesson in “fill flash”. One is natural light and the other I used a flash. Can you tell which is which?

Good luck at school with your photography Maranda! Please send me a link with some of your work-I am dying to see it!!


There is nothing better then photographing someone who has been following my work for years and is SO excited to finally be working with me. It just doesn’t get better then that! “Stopping traffic” is what Beth just fell in love with.

Great looking kids or what!

A GREAT time to have your family portrait done is when you have a high school senior, before all the major life changes start to happen.

Hartnett family-you guys were SO much fun to work with!

Oh my gosh! Just look at those blue eyes!! Those eyes are only for Mama, I might add. He would laugh and smile as long as he was looking at her! The trick was keeping her face as close to the lens as possible.

Yes, we all know I just LOVE this red couch! I know that I am NOT the only one though. When Jenny brought Holden in for his newborn session, she said “I can’t wait until he is big enough to have his portrait done on the red couch!!” It was worth the wait!
I can’t wait so see how different he looks at his 12 month session!

Eimilie, a current senior at St. Thomas High School, was SO much fun to photograph. Some of these images remind me of “old Hollywood”, which is appropriate because she is heavy duty into acting and drama.

Also, the red lipstick helps enhance that “old Hollywood” feel too.

How is this for symbolizing the next phase of her life? Which path will she take as she ventures off into this new journey? Am I reading too much into it?

This was the image that both she and her mother loved the most and will be hanging in their home. It has such a romantic quality about it. Those eye lashes are gorgeous!

This is her yearbook selection. Yes, it was taken at one of my favorite locations.

Love the pose, love the water dripping down the stairs, LOVE this image!!
Thanks Eimilie! I had a blast during the photo shoot and also enhancing them the portraits with different fun effects.