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Rebecca wanted to wait until AFTER Christmas to have her family portrait taken. She wanted to wait until all the busy-ness of Christmas had passed and we could take our time and enjoy the process. She told me after viewing her images that these portraits were EXACTLY what she had been envisioning. That I had captured the essence of their family in the way that she had seen it in her mind. Now THAT’S a compliment!

This one in particular, is one of my favorite portraits from the entire session. She looks like a character in a fantastical book!

This spot, in Newmarket NH, was chosen because it is a special place for the family. It is near their home and the big tree, in particular, is one of their favorite spots.

Her girls have SUCH personality and I loved spending time with them. They are both avid readers. I wanted to show that side of them with these images which have a sort of magical, fairy tale type feel to them. Thank you Fieldhouse family for a wonderful morning is such a beautiful spot!

I am so excited to be teaming up with one of my favorite local stores here in Portsmouth for this years Valentines day event-Share the Love! Everyone who participates, not only gets some super cute Valentines day cards, but also a $50 gift certificate to Somnia. I recently sat down with Brian, the owner of Somnia, to ask him some questions to help you get to know his store a little better-because I am telling you-you want that gift card.  There are SO many coo,fun and luxurious things there that I want to share with you! (my own personal comments are in red)

(Here are just a few of your options of the beaded bracelet that you will be getting with your share the love package-my husband wears one EVERYDAY and gets SO many compliments)
Now to the interview-
Q: Brian, what is your FAVORITE part of owning a store in downtown Portsmouth?
A: There are so many things I love about Somnia! Being a part of the wonderful Portsmouth community… Finding new and unique treasures to fill the shop… Helping people create their own wonderful nests. But my favorite part of the business is definitely the people! From the fantastic’ regular’ customers, to the visitors who stop by every time they come to town, we love the people we meet. Some of our lifelong friendships began in the shop!

(If you have had your newborn photographed at my studio then you know the power of these throws. Most babies INSTANTLY stop crying the minute they are put down on this throw!! It is the softest, coziest blanket EVER! This is one of my favorite things)
Q: Brian, what is SOMNIA’s most popular product?
A: We have wonderful throw blankets, Lampes that eliminate unwanted odors from your home (which I also LOVE, they were the only thing that took the smoke smell out of my son’s room after a small fire)…. the list goes on. The most popular product we sell is Sheets. We sell Egyptian cotton, silk, bamboo, percale, and the extraordinary wood fiber sheets (my own personal favorite) While we love our sheets, that isn’t all we sell; not by a long shot. We also offer towels, down, pillows, lotions, soaps, candles and many other luxuries for the bedroom, bath, and all over the home. We have unique gifts, trays, mirrors, silk florals, as well as lamps and lighting from all over the world. Every season we try to bring in something new, so things are always changing.

(these are the miracle Lampes that take any odor out of your home!)

(what dog lover wouldn’t LOVE this adorable pillow?)

(When my kids were small, a bowl of these little guys in the store used to occupy them while I got to shop)
Q: What is the most common misconception about SOMNIA?
A: The biggest misconception about SOMNIA is that we are the expensive linen store. In reality we have bedding options that fit almost every budget. As you have just read, we also offer so much more than bedding and towels!! Stop in and take a look.

If you are thinking about having a family portrait done but don’t think winter isn’t the season to do it-think again! Seriously-you don’t need to stress too  much about what to wear or if you’ve put on a few extra pounds because you have to wear your winter coat! Also, winter is often the time for families with college age children and older to get everyone together at once.

I photographed the Levensons both inside and outside. This is the family’s favorite FAMILY portrait because it’s laid back, not too posed and it feels like it truly represents who they are as a family.

This is their outside portrait. What I love about this image is the contrast between the white background and the dark coats of the family, the way the dog matches the background and stands out against the black jackets as well as the elongated shadows at the bottom of the image. The freshly fallen snow is an added bonus.

As many of you have heard me say many times-I strongly believe it is vital during a family portrait session to get a photograph of the parents together. I know I treasure the images I have of my parents as they are today as well as when they were younger, and so do my children. I want to provide those types of images to my clients children as well.

While doing a family portrait, I often recommend getting all the various groupings. Why not? I’m there. This is the Levenson’s oldest with his girlfriend and their dog. Pets are part of the family too! Don’t forget to include them too!

“Education for All Children provides scholarships, mentoring and global connections to exceptional students in developing countries in order to encourage leadership, economic progress, cultural understanding and a more peaceful world.” Check out their website at
Below are just a few examples from the 2014 Valentines Day card collection.

Swhale back

Swhale front

Nuttin’ back

Nuttin’ front



Ellen and Troy are, hands down, one of the nicest couples I have ever met! For the past few years they have been bringing me their grandchildren for Christmas card portraits. This year things go busy and the Christmas card turned into a New Years card. These cousins just adore each other!

Hailey LOVES dress up and who can resist the princess crown, right?

Ian wasn’t one for sitting still-I got a lot of action shots. We brought out the bubbles and had a blast!

Hailey is a pro. She had lots of idea’s, some we had to put off until next time because they included tutu’s and lots of clothing changes 🙂

Ooooooohhhhhh, bubbles!

Those are the bluest eyes EVER!

Fantastic, fun and loving family-wow, these two kids are truly blessed!