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Introducing EMMAWhat word best describes you-ORIGINAL, INSPIRED OR FEARLESS? FEARLESS
What is your dream job? Investment Banker

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in high school? The Junior Paper
Where is your favorite place on earth? Manhattan or The Cape

Who was your first crush? Michael Downs
What is your favorite drink? Wather and tea from Harvey and Sons
What is your favorite thing in your closet? Anything black
What is your favorite brand? The Row
What are 3 things you can’t live without? SPF, my dog, MacBook or iphone
What is something you always have in your purse? Chapstick and gum
What is your favorite phone app? News

What do you like about Alyssa Almeida Duncan Photography? Alyssa is super cool
What is your goal after high school? Ivy League
What are your hobbies? CS:Go, golf
What is the last good book you read? Any issue of National Geographic
What are you excited about for you senior year? Graduation

Tell me a random fact about yourself. I was born in Cambodia

How would your friends describe you? Determined

What are 3 things that no one knows about you? I watch the Weather Channel every morning, my favorite animal is a cow and I’m an atheist