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It is almost here-the 7th annual Big Reveal Party. This is the biggest party I throw all year! It is where my new batch of senior models see their first images from their first big shoot with me. It’s exciting, it’s super fun and, hopefully and most importantly, it’s empowering for these young girls.

What started out as a way of reaching out to the high school market to grow my senior portrait business has turned into my life’s work, my mission. ORIGINAL, INSPIRED, FEARLESS became my tag line 3 years ago and has changed every aspect of my photography business. My mission has become to help people to STOP focusing on their perceived flaws, to recognize their strengths, and to¬† celebrate their unique beauty!

Yes, it starts with how we look-we all compare ourselves to images of celebrities and models we see in the media. What we forget, however, is that the celebs and professional models have an unfair advantage in this comparison. These celebrities have a hair and makeup team, they have stylists, they have a professional photographer telling them how to move, how to pose and they also have the wonders of Photoshop at their photographers disposal. So, the first thing I do with my models is provide them with the same tools that the celebs and models have. This Big Reveal Party is the first step in showing these girls that they ARE as beautiful as the people in the images they see on TV, online, in magazines etc. I help them to see that their perceived flaws are actually what makes them unique, makes them stand out in a crowd, and makes them memorable. MAKES THEM BEAUTIFUL!

Once they can see this, it is my hope that they can then begin the life long journey of focusing on their strengths. Are they ORIGINAL-why do they consider themselves original? They need to think about it and articulate it. Are they INSPIRED? By whom? By what? How has that pushed them forward in life? Are they FEARLESS? How? and Why?

Over the next few weeks I will be introducing each on of my models here on my blog. Come back and read why they consider themselves ORIGINAL, INSPIRED OR FEARLESS.

Here is your official invite to the party. All are welcome and I’d love to see you!