This wedding went by so fast! John and Maria were great, the country club was great, the priest was great and the weather was great-everything went so smoothly!

This is my favorite image from their wedding. I like a more commercial look and feel to my images and this image looks like it came straight out of a magazine.

Here is Maria getting ready. Her dress was perfect for her. It really showed off her TINY waist! She looked amazing.

John and Maria seeing each other for the first time. A lot of my brides, this time of year, are choosing to take the formal pictures before the ceremony while it is still light out. I am still able to get the image of the couple when they first see each other, even if it isn't when the bride is coming down the aisle.

More of my favorite portraits of John & Maria. They were able to relax in front of the camera and it really shows in their images.


This shot was inspired by the couple I photographed the week before, Christine and Pat. It worked so well for them that I thought I'd try it again. I like seeing the train of the dress but with a modern twist.


Maria looked so good in her dress.

I really like this shot of Maria arriving at the church. What a great day for a fall wedding.

This church has a window in the door that the bride hides behind before entering to go down the aisle. It always makes for a great shot and the bride doesn't even know I'm taking the picture.

kids always add humor to a wedding. I love this picture.

During the Mass I was able to move a bit closer to get this shot of John holding Maria's hand. It was very touching.

The first dance. I love how John is looking at Maria in this shot.


This was the first wedding in my 10 years in business, that I actually got teary during the mother/son dance.

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