Alyssa Almeida Duncan Photography has changed not only it’s look but also it’s name to Alyssa Duncan Photography. We took out the ALMEIDA, which for me was a huge emotional decision, because my family heritage is so important to me. The new logo is a modified version of my father’s 1950-60’s advertising agency-Almeida Advertising Art Associates. My father was one of my biggest supporters and cheer leaders-never letting me rest on my laurels and always asking me “what’s next”. I think he would be thrilled that I am using a modernized version of the logo he designed for himself. So for me the legacy lives on because the Almeida is still there, just in the form of an icon.

ORIGINAL, INSPIRED, FEARLESS – What word best describes you?
INSPIRED is my word. What inspires me is my family-both my parents were artists and I am always drawn to their work. My clients inspire me and push me to showcase their individual personalities in unique and creative ways.  I am able to do this by creating a fun, relaxed, interactive environment where people feel free to be themselves and have FUN.

What also inspires me is my community. Living in beautiful, historic downtown Portsmouth I am continually inspired, not only my surroundings, but the community of creatives that live here. Donating my time and services to the schools, partnering with other small businesses and charities, my family and I have created deep roots.