ORIGINAL, INSPIRED, FEARLESS – What word best describes you?
INSPIRED is my word. What inspires me is getting to know my clients and to bring out their individual personalities AND the personality of the families in my photographs. I do this by creating a fun, relaxed, interactive environment where people feel free to be themselves.

For my tweens & senior portraits-what inspires me is building confidence in people, through my photographs. Showing them, maybe, in a different light. By asking my clients to choose one of these words and then tell me WHY they chose it-they begin to see themselves in a new way. That enables me capture their uniqueness, their confidence and their beauty for them to see.

What also inspires me is my community. Living in beautiful, historic downtown Portsmouth I am continually inspired, not only my surroundings, but the community of creatives that live here. Donating my time and services to the schools, partnering with other small businesses and charities, my family and I have created deep roots.