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Oh my gosh! Just look at those blue eyes!! Those eyes are only for Mama, I might add. He would laugh and smile as long as he was looking at her! The trick was keeping her face as close to the lens as possible.

Yes, we all know I just LOVE this red couch! I know that I am NOT the only one though. When Jenny brought Holden in for his newborn session, she said “I can’t wait until he is big enough to have his portrait done on the red couch!!” It was worth the wait!
I can’t wait so see how different he looks at his 12 month session!

Ok, so this is one of my new favorite spots. When the mom said she wanted an image of her son standing up while outside at Odiorne State Park, of course I thought of this tree and the photo session I did with the Daley family!

This is one of my absolute favorite images from this session! The interaction is priceless!

I had done a session with the baby and his dad, Ian, as a surprise Christmas present for Laurie. (which, I must say, is impressive. Most men just buy a gift certificate to the studio. He did that too but wanted the extra “wow” factor for his gift) So they already had images of father and son and now needed one of mom and son.

The picture perfect family!! Thank you for letting me capture this crazy special time for you! I had a blast (it looks like Lincoln did too!)

Little Emerson! Oh my gosh, so little!! Nothing shows off just how teeny tiny a baby like her Daddy’s hands. 🙂

But first, here are the pregnancy portraits that we did just a few short weeks before the arrival of Emerson.

Mama with Emerson BEFORE . . .

. . . Mama with Emerson AFTER. They are BOTH smiling!

This is the image they chose for their wall portrait. Emerson is so content to be sleeping on her mom’s shoulder. Thank you Lisa and Matt for allowing me to be part of the major events in your life. I truly consider it an honor!



Holden’s first portrait with his “big sister” Gracie. This shot reminds me of Nana in Peter Pan.

Ok, this kid carries himself like he’s at least 5 years old, not 6 weeks! AMAZING!

I love this series of three.

I just can’t get over how strong he is!

Tiny little feet, a must have portrait from the newborn session.

See ya 🙂

Kiran chose the doctor costume while here for our 2013 “Dress Up Days” event, that we hold every year in conjunction with G Willikers! Toy Shop. This was quite a surprise for both of his parents. I asked Kiran if he knew any doctors and he said “no”. It came out after the session that his mom AND dad are both doctors!! This image is going to hang in one of their offices. It reminds them of an old Norman Rockwell painting. I can see that, can’t you?

Kiran has A LOT to learn before he can start seeing patients though. 🙂

Sailing anyone?

Of course, every captain needs a first mate. These two brothers make the best comedy routine! It was SO much fun taking their portraits. I can’t wait to see you all again this summer for your family portrait!!