Emerson at 6 months old! SUPER CUTE!! This seems to be the shot that mom’s in the Baby’s First Year program look forward to having done the most-the orange couch! There is something about this orange couch that just works. It’s timeless. It is important that the baby is able to sit on his or her own for the 6 months session.

This kid has SO MANY facial expressions. Her parents decided on a collage of three images to represent the “many sides of Emerson”. There were A LOT to choose from! None of them crying though-she is a very happy little girl 🙂

This new gray chair has proven a valuable addition to my studio. I use it for babies-high school seniors. Emerson looks beautiful in it with her fancy little dress!
For her next session, at one year old, she should be able to stand on her own. I can’t wait to see that, she is such a peanut!!