This portrait is from Emerson’s one year session. It’s my favorite from this group. I have heard people say they want to wait until their baby is one before they bring them in for portraits-I say “What?!” Your child goes through SO many changes during their first year, it would be such a shame to NOT capture that. Take a look below at Emerson’s first baby portrait.

Look at how her entire arm is the same size as her dad’s thumb! She was TINY, amazingly tiny! I am SO glad that we captured this moment, so small in daddy’s arms, completely sheltered by his hands.

or sound asleep on mom’s shoulder.

This is one of her mom’s favorite images of her from the entire year’s worth of portraits. This teeny tiny stage goes by SO fast, it is important to capture it in those first few weeks home from the hospital.

This is the time to capture those little fingers and toes.

By the time she came in for her six month session, I hardly recognized her. SO much had changed within such a short time. She was sitting up, smiling & engaging.

Just look at those eye! Wow!

This red couch is most popular with the 6 month portraits. I just LOVE it!

This series, from Emerson’s one year portrait session, is being hung on one wall as a group of four. The wall space was too big for one image but a square grouping 4 similar images works PERFECTLY!!

I can’t believe I won’t be seeing Emerson again until her second birthday! I will miss seeing her and her parents every few months.