Which word best describes you? INSPIRED

tell me why you chose that word. Because when I like something I stick to it and dedicate myself to it.

What is something that makes you feel proud of yourself? My dedication

What is the most beautiful thing about you? My eyes

What is unusual talent that you have? I can lick my elbow

Your dream job? Actress

Your favorite place on Earth? My lake house.

Name a song that makes you want to dance. TRNDS TTR (feat. M. Maggie (Lucian Remix) by Black Coast

Who is a person you look up to? My grandpa

What is your favorite thing in your closet? Patriots onsie

What is your favorite brand? Aerie

What TV family would you like to spend a week with? The Tanners from Full House

Name 3 things you can’t live without.  Animals, nature, technology

Name something you always have in your purse. My license

What is your favorite app on your phone? Netflix

Goal after high school? To get into a good college.

Favorite thing to do after school is? go to the gym.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What is something that’s not being taught in school but should be? I’m not sure.

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen in class? My teacher turned a student’s backpack inside out.

What are you most excited about for senior year? The soccer season

Tell us a random fact about yourself. I have a good fake laugh

How would your friends describe you? funny and honest

You love Alyssa Almeida Duncan Photography because- It makes me more confident.