My Dad’s Hat

My Dad’s Hat is an ongoing series of portraits of my family wearing my dad’s hat. My dad was such a motivator and supporter to all of us and this is one of my tributes to him (along with my logo design). He loved this hat and wore it all the time. I miss seeing him in this hat.


This is me wearing My Dad’s Hat. I am my dad’s youngest (and, of course, favorite) child 🙂

This is my mom wearing My Dad’s Hat. She also wanted to wear the hat he used to mow the lawn in. Believe it or not, my mom, like most moms, HATES to have her portrait taken. The fact that she participated in this series is a real gift. My dad is her husband of over 60 years.


My brother, Joey, is my father’s namesake and doppelganger. Here he is wearing My Dad’s Hat AND his dog tags AND his watch while pretending to smoke because my dad smoked most of his life. My dad is his dad too.


This is my daughter, Mimi, wearing My Dad’s Hat. I am crazy about this beautiful girl and so was my dad. My dad is her grandfather.


Here is my son, Cam wearing My Dad’s Hat. He looks a lot like my dad, and of course, I am crazy about him too. My dad is his grandfather.


This is my husband, Brad, wearing My Dad’s Hat, except in the middle image, he is wearing His Dad’s Hat and honoring his own Scottish heritage. My dad is his father in-law.


Here is my niece, Tiffany’s, daughter, Verena, joyfully wearing My Dad’s Hat. My dad is Verena’s GREAT grandfather.


Two of my three sisters, Mimi (one of the many Mimi’s in my family) and, in the center, Julianna. My dad is their dad too.


Josie on the left, Jen in the middle and Jane on the right, wearing My Dad’s Hat. My dad is Josie and Jane’s grandfather and Jen’s father in-law.


My boys, Max and Finn, wearing My Dad’s Hat. My dad was a friend of theirs.