Serendipity did all the clothing styling for my class of 2015 senior models this year. I recently sat down with Chloe, the stores manager to find out more about this years latest style trends and more!
A: What are the hottest spring trends for 2014 (for teenagers)?
C: This spring/summer season we are seeing a lot of cropped tees and tanks. These types of tops are being worn with jean shorts, harem pants, and maxi skirts. For those girls that don’t want to show a lot of skin, crop tops are perfect for wearing with high-waisted styles. This season there has also been a big through back to the early 90’s when it comes to prints, and sillohettes. Teens today are getting a fresh take on the 90’s look with breezy daisy printed dresses, matching tank and short sets in light fabrics as well as adorable rompers with relaxed fits and lots of layering potential. Really its all about finding the trends that speak to you and expressing them in your own way.
A: What is the most popular item in Serendipity for the high school crowd?
C: I have noticed that the girls love to come in for our affordable sterling silver rings, as well as our large selection of stud earrings for only $14. I also try to offer a huge selection of white dresses for high school graduations as many schools require that white be worn. We also have a large selection of spring and summer dresses for all their seasonal events.
A: What makes Serendipity so popular with the millennials?
C: At Serendipity we encourage the girls to come in and try on all the clothing you want! Find the styles that feel good, and make you comfortable even if maybe today’s not the day you need to buy something. Our staff is here to make our shop a place that girls can come and enjoy themselves, and not feel pressured. Over the past 7 years that I have been with the store I have seen girls go through middle school, high school and off to college. It is so much fun to get to know them, and watch their taste and style change through the years. After all Serendipity is a small and family owned business. The store is where we spend most of our time so it’s only fitting that it be warm and welcoming.
A: Do you have a Facebook/twitter and or instagram page that I can follow that showcase your new arrivals so I can be one of the first to see what’s new?
C: We do have a Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram. I post mostly on Instagram because of course we all want to SEE whats new, and I usually share those posts on Twitter as well as Facebook. Here’s our info if you would like to follow us:
Twitter: @SerendipityNH
Instagram: SerendipityNH
We also have a new website that is connected to our current inventory and stock levels. It is a work in progress but for those girls that are heading off to college and need their Serendipity fix, now you can shop 24/7!
A: what is the price range of your clothing?
C: Although our store is small we have over 50 different designers and clothing labels in our shop at all times. While some brand names are much more well known, such a Free People, Roxy, and BB Dakota, others although without the same brand name recognition are just as fun and flattering. We try to keep our prices under $100 per piece although sometimes, somethings are too beautiful to pass up and I believe we will have the occasional jacket or dress that is in the high $100s. I would say the majority of the clothing, especially those styles that speak to teens are generally under $50, and as low as $24. As for Jewelry most earrings are under $18, Necklaces are $12-$38 with the occasional pieces of gold, sterling, or semi-precious stone jewelry ranging up to $58.
A: Anything else you’d like to add?
C: Although Portsmouth NH is a destination for tourists through out the year it is the local girls, boys, men and women that keep our store going (and to whom I’d like to say Thank You)! That being said I try to keep our products ever changing and to include a range of items and styles that are suitable and desirable to all ages. We want to have the perfect gift for that birthday, for your wife, your mother, your daughter, or just the right pair of earrings for your high school girlfriend! At the end of the day everyone is welcome and we will do all that we can to make your experience at Serendipity a positive one.