You remember Stacey & Jim-I use their image a lot in my marketing material


Meet their adorable baby boy Jack! This is my favorite image from the session. Those eyes are something else!

He didn't like being on his belly so much. I love that pout!
He LOVED being on his back though!
I really like this series of him on this sheepskin. It was the first set we did and he was in a really good mood.

After about 100+ pictures he starts to get tired. I don't blame him-it's hard work.

by the time we got outside for the family portrait he was DONE! Every picture in this series Jack has the same expression on his face and he never moved a muscle. Think he was trying to tell me something?

He smiled, just a little for this ONE picture with his dad.

This picture is more about the happy mom than it is about the baby. I really like this image of Stacey.

He did have ONE more smile left for this image. I LOVE the bubbles on his lips.

He was exhausted by the time we got back to the studio.
I can't wait to watch him grow up. Hopefully I'll get to see him, Jim and Stacey every year! I think Jack actually remembered me when he saw me today-he gave me a BIG smile 🙂