Many of you know, or have met within the past couple of years, my studio manager, Brian. You may have also seen his framed image hanging in the studio celebrating his “employee of the month” status. Even though he is my ONLY employee, it is a great honor to be awarded this status every month.

However for the past 6 months my two year old niece has been coming to my studio to “work”. She is showing real promise. I don’t know what she is doing when she is on the computer or the phone but she does move boxes around from my lab,

updates my schedule on the white board and, overall, improves the work environment. Her downfalls are she requires CONSTANT supervision, I can’t read her writing and I don’t think she actually DOES any work.


Now that you have some background on Verena-I’d like to introduce you to December’s EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH!

Since awarding her this status a few days ago, she has become very lax about her responsibilities and has started calling the studio “her room”. This new generation hitting the work force has a lot to learn about the time and accomplishments required to climb the corporate ladder. I may be creating a monster.