If you are thinking about having a family portrait done but don’t think winter isn’t the season to do it-think again! Seriously-you don’t need to stress too¬† much about what to wear or if you’ve put on a few extra pounds because you have to wear your winter coat! Also, winter is often the time for families with college age children and older to get everyone together at once.

I photographed the Levensons both inside and outside. This is the family’s favorite FAMILY portrait because it’s laid back, not too posed and it feels like it truly represents who they are as a family.

This is their outside portrait. What I love about this image is the contrast between the white background and the dark coats of the family, the way the dog matches the background and stands out against the black jackets as well as the elongated shadows at the bottom of the image. The freshly fallen snow is an added bonus.

As many of you have heard me say many times-I strongly believe it is vital during a family portrait session to get a photograph of the parents together. I know I treasure the images I have of my parents as they are today as well as when they were younger, and so do my children. I want to provide those types of images to my clients children as well.

While doing a family portrait, I often recommend getting all the various groupings. Why not? I’m there. This is the Levenson’s oldest with his girlfriend and their dog. Pets are part of the family too! Don’t forget to include them too!